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They are coming back to Ukraine!
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from march 9, 2018

International Festival of Arts and Music in Kitee
09, Jul

Kitee National Association together with so-called "father" of Nightwish, music teacher Plamen Dimov from Bulgaria, organize the two-week event aimed to support young talents.

Vinyl singl "My Walden"
17, Apr

Record Store Day special releases, golden and dark green 12" My Walden vinyl singles available now at Nightwish Shop!

Fellow Imagineers: To Nightwish with Love
11, Apr

Making this Nightwish fan documentary has been an adventure, the journey blessed with passionate persons. The production started with the name Fellow Imagineers, but the television documentary got a new name, To Nightwish with Love. The name To Nightwish with Love tells it all: this is your work of love for the band, and we aim to respect that feeling.

Nightwish show in Kyiv on May 22!
30, Mar

They are coming back to Ukraine with The Greatest Show on Earth! Meet Nightwish in Kyiv with the Ukrainian Fan Club of the band. Latest news, meeting of fans, contests, flash mob and etc. Follow us on our site and social networks.

Lullaby versions of Nightwish
12, Feb

This year, in February Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star released beautiful lullaby versions of some Nightwish songs. You can purchase the album on Google Play only for 19 UAH. Link: play.google.com

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