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They are coming back to Ukraine!
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from march 9, 2018


Interview with Tuomas Holopainen of Nightwish

Write on: Sun, 23 Sep 2012 Read 11722

Our fan club has been planning to take this interview for a long time and finally we had such an opportunity. It happened on September 20 (2012) in Toronto, Canada before the performance of the group in the Sound Academy. Our photographer Dmitry Kerpov has spoken to Tuomas Holopainen. So, here is the interview:

DK: Hello, dear Nighthearts! Greetings from Toronto! I am here with Tuomas Holopainen from Nightwish! Hi, Tuomas! How are you?

TH: Hello, mate, everything is good with me, thank you! In fact, this morning our bus broke with all the equipment, so we had some difficulties during the sound check, but it's all a part of the tour, so, thank’s God, everything is fixed now ended well.

DK: Oh, yes, I can understand! So now we are all waiting for the show and worrying. Can we hope for something special?

TH: In fact, every night of the concert during the tour is  unique and that’s why I like so much to think about it. I mean, this is not like when you try to change fundamentally the sustainable way of life in one night. I mean, the set-list was formed long ago, we’ve been using it for months and I see no reason to change anything. Now everything is like it should be - main part is drama shows and the second is an acoustic part, everything is great! Of course, we change two or three songs, but no more. Set-list remains as it is.

DK: Yes, I understand. So, this year you spend in touring. What can you tell us? At least a few words.

TH: Well, all started in January. We were in Los Angeles, there were two shows. Then we took part in a Heavy-metal cruise in Florida. After that we had a European Tour - Russia, Ukraine, then we had a few summer festivals, and now we are here in North America.

DK: This is great! You have a great tour in the US, right? I mean North American tour.

TH: Yes, all right. We will stay here for five weeks; we will have 25 shows, and two of them in Canada.

DK: And you are facing traveling, sleepless nights and all that. But, live-performances are fun, aren’t they?

TH: You know, this is the best of the best things! This is what we want to do and I would not want to be somewhere else. I know that while we are touring, I will play, but then, after a week or so, I am going to come back home for two weeks, and I need it too as well as being in a tour. All these things live inside us. Oh, and more – while I am in a bus, I sleep as good as nowhere else =)

DK: Oh, really ?!

TH: Indeed

DK: That's cool! Can I ask you a little bit of unusual questions? For example, imagine that you could choose one season, which would you chose and why?

TH: Winter.

DK: Winter? Why?

TH: I like winter beauty. Like observing how all nature is falling asleep, so beautiful... I love the snow. And there is something that I particularly love - all this cold and darkness. Clearly, I also can not live in the winter all year, but if I took a choice, I would choose the winter! I can not live a normal life at + 30.

DK: Oh yeah!

TH: The biggest mystery of mankind for me is how people lay down under the sun and heat for hours and call this “holiday”. This is not about me =)

DK: Yes Yes. You have probably visited every country in the world?

TH: Yes, right.

DK: And what country impressed you the most? Perhaps, it was some special?

TH: So, let me think ... This is probably Australia.

DK: Australia?

TH: Yes, this is my favorite country, after Finland, of course. Something in it is unique, the atmosphere, the people, nature ... Australia would be my choice.

DK: Fine. What are you listening to now? What is in your headphones during the tour?

TH: I do not know even... I do not have headphones.

DK: Really?

TH: Yes, I have no mp3-player. I listen to music from CDs.

DK: CD-player, right?

TH: Yes, I listen to CDs at home...Or in the car. I like this.

DK: Fine. Can you tell us something about the film «Imaginaerum»?

TH: Yeah.

DK: So, what did you feel when you first saw it? Perhaps some special emotions or thoughts?

TH: Today, just two weeks have passed as I saw the movie for the first. The second time I saw «Imaginaerum» was in Montreal two days ago.

DK: Oh yes, and has it somehow differ?

TH: You know, this movie completely overwhelmed me. I find it totally unselfish, it was made for the soul, not for money.It shows what we achieved as a band. The film is quite strange, and now I can say that it will take a lot of thinking to understand the meaning.The movie is quite mad, and it is not immediately clear what all the characters are about and what is going on on the screen. Quite original storytelling.Very good special effects, everything is cool.

DK: Can not wait to see. Is this an epic picture?

TH: No, it's not epic. We had only 3 million, with such money you cannot  do much... By the way, the film is quite short - only 80 minutes.

DK: Well... Were there any funny moments during filming?

TH: Well... You see, I was on the set of a 5-day course, probably there were, but during my stay there wasn’t anything special I can remember.

DK: Fine. Can you tell me did you like being an actor?

TH: Oh, we were not actors in the literal sense, none of us had planned replicas and all of that. We just made minor roles of ourselves, in two stages, by the way.

DK: So was it something like a video clip?

TH: Exactly! Exactly the video clip!

DK: Oh, interesting.

TH: Yes, Yes. We played ourselves, and we had to just listen to the director: "One, two, three ... Action!". And then we started to play songs, 5 or 6 times, and that’s all.

DK: Well, I understand. So you had a concert in Kiev, do you remember something about this?

TH: Yes, I remember something =) We visited  many countries, so it is difficult to remember all the details, but I remember the train "Moscow-Kyiv" - a real adventure, it was very interesting.

DK: Yes, very good!

TH: I remember the meeting, by the way, the Ambassador of Finland came to greet us, she comes from my hometown.

DK: Oh, wow!

TH: And yet - I remember a very good and warm show.

DK: Was Ukraine equal to your expectations?

TH: Absolutely! And more - I had the most wonderful breakfast of all the hotel breakfasts!

DK: Really?

TH: So! Unfortunately, I don’t remember the name of the hotel...

DK: "Intercontinental".

TH: Oh, yes.

DK: There is chain of these hotels even here in Toronto. I saw it by myself.

TH: Oh, cool! It was phenomenal! I never served sushi and fresh juices for breakfast, and, fresh juices from fruits from around the world! And it was incredible, really!

Special questions from the fan club

DK: So we have almost come to an end. Would you like to return to Ukraine one day?

TH: Yes, and not for once! Mate, we were in your country for the first time, right?

DK: Right, for the first time.

TH: Yeah, I don’t remember being in Ukraine before... I can only say good words and great memories. I really liked everything =)

DK: Oh, great! A few words about future plans?

TH: All our plans are now connected to the film, and we are going to do this for a couple of months, then we need to go through this tour, and get positive emotions =) Then we expect The United Kingdom tour followed by the premiere in Helsinki, on November 10, later - Australia, New Zealand, after that South American tour, and then - we will have a break and several summer festivals. Something like this. And we'll gather ideas for the new album!

DK: And do you already have something? Maybe lyrics or general topics?

TH: There are a loooot of them!

DK: It is incredible! That is, could we expect something like Imaginaerum? The same scale?

TH: Hmmm... not quite.I do not even want to think about it, you know, the process of songwriting for me proceeds as follows: dismiss the freedom of thought and look what happened in the end. Then, at a certain moment, I begin to discuss parts of the band and decide where to go next. But you just need to cling to every album you throw a challenge and step by step you try to do something new, to avoid repetition. That is, we will not do the film with a symphony album again =)

DK: Ohhh... yeah

TH: Because we are doing it now!

DK: Aah, yes.And another important thing that we would like to know: you use a lot of orchestral parties and the last album is no exception, therefore, can we ever hope to see a concert with the orchestra?

TH: You know, I would be very surprised if it never happened.

DK: It's the answer?

TH: Yes, it is. In this tour this is not going to happen, but the overall situation screams about having a concert with orchestra!

DK: Cool!

TH: We have been thinking about having such show for eight years, we must do this!But, it is still too early. Let «Oopeth» or «Within Temptation» perform on the stage for this time, they have very cool shows! That’s it.

DK: Fine.And the last question: Do you have a common dream? The dream of a band? Can you share?

TH: To have a show on the island of Fiji. Or elsewhere in the Pacific Ocean.

DK: Wow!

TH: Yeah. We have discussed this and concluded that it would be cool! To perform in Fiji or Vanua, during the tour, or something else.

DK: Yes, that's fine: the show and the holiday - two in one.

TH: Exactly! That it =)

DK: Perfectly! So we are very grateful for the interview, and we are waiting for the show, it will be wonderful, as always.

TH: Yes, something wonderful is already in the air. =)

DK: And once again, thank you very much!

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  • Переклад: Олена Деркач, Марина Хорош, Дмитро Керпов, Софія Голько
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