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They are coming back to Ukraine!
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from march 9, 2018

Evolution Series by Nightwish
18, Aug

Kalevala Koru and Nightwish will launch EVOLUTION SERIES BY NIGHTWISH jewellery collection. You can now pre-order jewellery at the official Nightwish Shop, so go to http://shop.nightwish.com and pick your favorites. 
Read the press release below.

Trailer #20 released about our upcoming tour; makes you wish it started RIGHT NOW!
03, Jun

We will kick-off our European tour in Finland on Saturday!!! Check out this tour trailer, it’s going to make you wish it started RIGHT NOW!

Trailer #19 out today!
30, May

Right before the weekend we’d like to release our 19th trailer. You have been able to follow us in the evolution of the album ‘Endless Forms Most Beautiful’ and all its aspects. This 19th trailer talks about the single with the same title. Enjoy and have a lovely weekend!

Making-of video #18 revealed!
22, May

Today we reveal the 18th episode from the album-making-of-series, talking about the North American and Canadian shows during the first part of Nightwish’s “Endless Forms Most Beautiful” world tour.

Watch the video below:

“Endless Forms Most Beautiful” single out now!
08, May

Today, Nightwish release their 2nd single, the new album’s title-track “Endless Forms Most Beautiful”. It is available as a limited edition MCD, 10“ Vinyl and as a download.

Watch the lyric-video below:

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