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They are coming back to Ukraine!
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from march 9, 2018

Videogreeting to the band
05, Jul

I am grateful for patience of everybody who took part in recording of a videogreeting. Now the video is ready and it is quite good as for the first time, at least it met our expectations and we are glad that we managed to huddle such a job through. I thank all organizers in their cities for cooperation, taking photos and video shooting and also everybody who participated in this event.

The Movie in Ukraine - Premiere of Imaginaerum (Update)
22, May

The premier of "Imaginaerum" the Movie is to take place on June, the 13th but there is even more for you! The movie will be screening in many cinemas of Ukraine. You can follow the details on the special page created for the movie.

Webpage "Imaginaerum by Nightwish"

Interview with Andrea Ferro of Lacuna Coil
23, Apr

Recently our interviewer Dmytro Kerpov had a chance to communicate with the second vocalist of Lacuna Coil - Andreo Ferro! Together with Russian Lacuna Coil Fan Site we prepared a lot of interesting questions! The answers can be found in the interview.

Interview with Eluveitie for "Nighthearts"
21, Jan

We continue our good tradition to interview famous artists of the world metal stage! Today we've published an interview with the members of Eluveitie - the founder of the band Christian Glanzmann, Anna Murphy and Kay Brem. Enjoy! Ukrainian subtitles are available so far ;)

Interview with Sonata Arctica
16, Dec

For the fans of Finnish metal stage and the band "Sonata Arctica" our fan club decided to interview some members of the band: Marko Paasikoski and Henrik Klingenberg. (Ukrainian subtitles are available!)

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