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They are coming back to Ukraine!
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from march 9, 2018

Interview with Sonata Arctica
16, Dec

For the fans of Finnish metal stage and the band "Sonata Arctica" our fan club decided to interview some members of the band: Marko Paasikoski and Henrik Klingenberg. (Ukrainian subtitles are available!)

Results of the competition "Nighthearts anniversary"
30, Oct

We are happy to announce the results of the competition! As you might know we had two nominations: creative and the most active. All in all we have three winners. They are Marina Khorosh and her vocal cover for Nightwish - Kuolema tekee taiteilijan, Denys Yelets’kykh as the most active user and talented musician and, also, Tania Perevrzeva as the most active member of the community.

Winners of competition "FanClub is half-year old"
08, Jun

We are posting the photos of competition winners. In the future we will carry on making different competitions with interesting prizes. Be active!

Forum Establishment
02, Dec

Today, in the honour of the European release of the album Imaginaerum, we open the Ukrainian forum on our website.

In the nearest future our forum will be working in demo mode, in process of time we are going to make the design and content better, and by the end of 2011 forum is planned to launch in a stable mode. We welcome all our members to communicate :)

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