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About us

«Nighthearts» - the official Ukrainian Nightwish fan club founded in November 25th, 2011 after the internet community of Nightwish fans and nightwish.com.ua web site united together.

In late 2011, before the first arrival of Nightwish to Ukraine, fan club begins its rapide development and unites many fans of the band. The result of this work was the warm meet and greet in Ukraine and fantastic support during the concert in Kiev in March 17th, 2012.

After the concert the fan club continues its meteoric rise – interviews Tuomas Holopainen, organises a flashmob, contests and meetings, gathers together Nightwish fans for watching "Imaginaerum" in the cinemas, actively communicates with the band's management and cooperates with other fan clubs. One more scope of administration activity is pool orders of albums, singles and other editions by the band in Nightwish Shop.

Border-line of 2013-2014 was a severe test  and time of experiments for the fan club because of tragical situation on our country and discordance of opinion within the group, but posterior events and music of Nightwish united us even more.

During the process of developing the Fan Club is trying to improve its work and to tell all the most important and latest information. By now we have the communities in the two most popular social networks, our own YouTube cannel, Twitter and bilingual web site. And we are not going to stop on that stage. The administration of our Fan Club collaborates with concert agencies and gives them active informational support; involves in the work of Mass Media telling them about the band and Fan Club work. We also tell about the advantages of licensed content to Ukrainian fans and motivate to buy it.

Nighthearts, first of all, are Ukrainian fans. There are more or less active ones, though all of them once discovered wonderful music of the band, loved it and made it the part of their lives. These are the people from all the corners of our country, with different views and beliefs but all they are connected with music, with the music of Nightwish.

Chronology of our fan club events:

25.11.2011 Creation of our fan club.
02.12.2011 Opening of the Fan Club Forum (more).
17.03.2012 The meeting of the band in Ukraine, meet-and-greet and flashmob (report).
08.07.2012 Competition "We are 6 months" (more).
27.09.2012 Video interview with Nightwish leader Tuomas Holopainen (video).
05.10.2012 Competition "Anniversary of Nighthearts" (more).
05.07.2013 Video greetings for the band from the Ukrainian fans after the premiere of the film "Imaginaerum by Nightwish" in Ukraine (more).
16.08.2013 Competition "Nightword" (more).
16.11.2013 The competition on the second anniversary of the fan club "Nightwish-Marathon" (more).
25.11.2013 Creation of Fan Club page on Facebook.
28.03.2014 Added section for Nightwish-assembling puzzles (more).
29.10.2015 Creation of the page dedicated to Nighthearts in Ukrainian Wikipedia (wiki).

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