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Fellow Imagineers: To Nightwish with Love

Write on: Mon, 11 Apr 2016 Read 1701

Making this Nightwish fan documentary has been an adventure, the journey blessed with passionate persons. The production started with the name Fellow Imagineers, but the television documentary got a new name, To Nightwish with Love. The name To Nightwish with Love tells it all: this is your work of love for the band, and we aim to respect that feeling.

This Nightwish fan documentary is a unique production, co-created by more than 200 Nightwish fans all together. Some have sent fan art, some have created animation characters, some have helped in translations, some have distributed our news on their websites. And the Fellow Insiders crew with 50+ members has finally filmed the whole documentary.

At the moment we are in the middle of the editing process. We appreciate your efforts a lot, and if you want to support the documentary, send your fan art picture or a photo of you and Nightwish to us.

However, the original name Fellow Imagineers will be the name of our web documentary. Our website is yle.fi/tonightwish, where you can find more and more beautifully produced and edited short films on all the important Nightwish related issues: band, fandom, idols, lyrics, dreams, Finland, etc. You can also find out the fictive Nightwish discography, imagined by you!

All this will be available in August 2016.

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