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Nightword and 1000 participants in our social network

Write on: Fri, 16 Aug 2013 Read 3481

Due to the rapid growth of the population of our social  Network  community (vk.com/nightwish_com_ua) and reaching 1000 participants on the 3d of August we decided to make a competition of solving special Nightword among our participants.

Our members have been suggested to answer the 13 questions related to the history of the band. The right answers were sent to the first two winners in September and these winners were awarded with a licensed gift of our fan club. The winners were:

First place - Inna Solovyova (vk.com/id84507451)
Second place - Jack Kostenko(vk.com/id7127597)

They received album Imaginaerum and DVD Imaginaerum by Nightwish.

They received album Imaginaerum and DVD Imaginaerum by Nightwish. The third winner received a special gift from our local Nightwish shop, created by our fan club:

Third place - Mrs. Melenets (vk.com/kat_melnica)

All the competition details can be found here: vk.com/wall-31534264_28611, vk.com/wall-31534264_28769. Photo Report: Media - Photos.

Also, please,  draw your attention to the already solved Nightword. We are grateful to all who took part in the competition.

Questions of Nightword:

1. What thing did Tarja do to surprise band members after the first successfully played concert?
2. What band were Nightwish supporting for 4 weeks during one of their world tours?
3. In one of the songs it came to him in a pair with the author of the poem, in another it was one of three that could not be useful, what was it?
4. This character is known to us by the French writer. In one of the Nightwish songs it is also presented. What is her name?
5. What thing Tuomas hates the most in the morning?
6. Who worked as a bass player during the recording of the album AFF? (Name)
7.  Emppu was the participant of The national Olimpic team of special kind of sport, what was that sport?
8. What was Tuomas called himself when he was a child?
9. In what country did Nightwish present a new brand of cars of the well known car concern and performed a few songs?
10. In which European capital did Nightwish hold their first performance outside their homeland?
11. After the concert in which city did Nightwish receive the golden ticket in 2005?
12. It is a spiritual and physical part of each of us, and one of the words stated in the official name of our fan club. What is it?
13. After the concert in which city Nightwish almost ceased to exist?

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