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Fan Club News

Finish of Nightwish marathon

Write on: Sat, 16 Nov 2013 Read 2022

Hi! Nightwish marathon that is dedicated to the 2nd anniversary of our fan club is over. A bit sad but still it was pleasant to receive letters with detailed and interesting answers.

For more detailed information considering prizes receiving we will soon contact our competitors. The answers will be posted gradually beginning from this day.

Leaders of the marathon:

1st place Anastasia Ruden’ka (vk.com/nastja_nemochka) – wine “Imaginaerum”;

2nd place – Olexandr Voroaev (vk.com/santoss) – authograph of Maestro Tuomas;

3rd place – Borys Buznyts’kyi (vk.com/boris_buznitskiy)– souvenir from Nighthearts Shop.

Also, beginning from now on Katya Melenets (vk.com/kat_melnica)  becomes one of administrators of our fan club.

Photo Report: Media - Photos.


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