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Fan Club News

We turn 4!

Write on: Wed, 25 Nov 2015 Read 1837

Congratulations to all the Ukrainian fans! Today our fan club marks exactly four years! Exactly four years of our life and development! For all these years we've been gathering together fans of the Nightwish-band from all over the Ukraine.

In honor of the fourth anniversary we set up a small timeline of events and achievements of our fan club and present them to your attention:

25.11.2011 Creation of our fan club.
02.12.2011 Opening of the Fan Club Forum (more).
17.03.2012 The meeting of the band in Ukraine, meet-and-greet and flashmob (report).
08.07.2012 Competition "We are 6 months" (more).
27.09.2012 Video interview with Nightwish leader Tuomas Holopainen (video).
05.10.2012 Competition "Anniversary of Nighthearts" (more).
05.07.2013 Video greetings for the band from the Ukrainian fans after the premiere of the film "Imaginaerum by Nightwish" in Ukraine (more).
16.08.2013 Competition "Nightword" (more).
16.11.2013 The competition on the second anniversary of the fan club "Nightwish-Marathon" (more).
25.11.2013 Creation of Fan Club page on Facebook.
28.03.2014 Added section for Nightwish-assembling puzzles (more).
29.10.2015 Creation of the page dedicated to Nighthearts in Ukrainian Wikipedia (wiki).

Also, this chronological list can be viewed under Miscellaneous - About Us.

P.S. By the way here is vk.com/wall-31534264_1696 that very first post that knit together the biography of our fan club and all its members.

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