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Nighthearts on Nightwish concert in Frankfurt!

Write on: Fri, 18 Dec 2015 Read 1809

Recently some of our fan club administrators visited Nightwish gig in Frankfurt which took place on Jahrhunderthalle arena and shared their impressions:

During farewell with fans Tuomas noticed how energetically we waved the flag of Ukraine. He approached to the edge of the stage, smiled, put his hands together as gratitude and nodded. We starched him the flag, he jumped off the stage on the big bulk to get to the flag and took it. He piled it up carefully and put near Kay’s drums. When the band was going to leave the stage Tuomas took the flag with him!

Great success!!! OMG, wie geil ist das denn! Fuck yeah! \m/

P.S. In the end of the video you can notice that Tuomas takes the flag away with him.

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