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The Best Weekend In My Life
13, Jun

Everything started ... No, not on May 22, or even the 21st. Everything started when I found out that the concert in Minsk was canceled and moved to my native and beloved city – Kyiv. This news gobsmacked me, because I did not expect to see my favourite band in Ukraine during this tour. Less than two months of waiting (when I say “waiting” I mean not only mad joy and foretaste of the upcoming event, but also a careful preparation for the meeting of the band, held under the motto "This is as simple as riding a burning bicycle, and you are burning, and everything is burning and you are in hell") passed very quickly. And now I'm in a hostel, in the company of my colleagues from the fan club, the same crazy fans and just wonderful people. Many of them I saw for the first time in my life, but it felt as if we had known each other for many years, and had become a big family because we share a strong and bright feeling – love for Nightwish.

Nightwish at M'era Luna 2015. Hildesheim, Germany
31, Jan

M'era Luna is a music festival that takes place in a small German town of Hildesheim, near Hanover, every second weekend of August. Due to the large number of visitors, which ranges between 20-25 thousand people each year, the event has become one of the biggest festivals in Germany. During M’era Luna you can meetgothic music and darkwave fans as well as the true legends of the genre. Such world-famous bands as The Sisters of Mercy, HIM, Clan of Xymox, London After Midnight, Apocalyptica, Moonspell, Marylin Menson, Diary of Dreams, Oomph!, Within Temptation, Nightwish, The 69 Eyes and many others have performed there. And when I saw 4 my favourite bands among the headliners for 2015, I realized that I had to visit M’era Luna.

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